Redesigned With Simplicity In Mind

FilesAnywhere Lite provides a more intuitive and mobile-friendly design, making it easier to access your files at work or on the go. Explore what it's like to have all the security and functionality FilesAnywhere has to offer, with the device flexibility you deserve.

FilesAnywhere My Documents

Real-Time Activity Log

Manage, track, and filter your account activity all from one place. Experience the new Activity Log with one-click action sorting, multi-action filtering, and advanced file/folder searching.

FilesAnywhere Activity Log

Improved Link Sharing & Management

Imagine sending and receiving files with ease. That's what we do best. With FilesAnywhere Lite, you get the best of both worlds: streamlined sharing of  files and management of who your files are shared with.

FilesAnywhere FileShare


Simplified User Profile Management

Lite introduces a minimalistic approach to the entire web interface, and that is especially true with the user profile. We took our most commonly used user profile settings from all the tabs of the advanced web interface user profile and packed them all into one simple profile tab.

FilesAnywhere Profile


File Properties With An At-A-Glance Preview

When scouring through a folder for a particular file and the quick view properties aren't enough, the at-a-glance preview will allow you to easily sneak a peek at the file without having to open it.

FilesAnywhere Properties